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Watersmeet Trout Hatchery and Fish Farm

Welcome to the Watersmeet Trout Hatchery and Fish Farm

Our goal is that your visit with us is a positive experience with plenty of family fishing fun. An experience that gives you the sensation to share your experience with your friends and look ahead with anticipation to your next visit!

If you are looking to stock your pond or lake, we can cater to each customers individual needs. Give us a call!





Hours of Operation

Open Daily

Memorial Weekend thru Labor Day
Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri., Sat.  9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Sunday  12 noon to 4:30 p.m.
Closed Wednesday
October to March - Call ahead for hours - 906-358-4331

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New Owners

Dino and Roberta Giannola purchased Watersmeet Trout Hatchery in February 2007. Dino is a Michigan native that attended Michigan Tech University. He has spent the last 25 years in Texas. He recently retired from firefighting after 24 years with the City of Arlington Texas. Dino is an avid outdoors man who was taught to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors by his father.

Roberta spent the majority of her childhood years in Michigan. She moved to Michigan in her early teens. She attended Wayne State University before moving to Texas with Dino in 1982. Roberta was raised to appreciate the outdoors as well. Robert has worked as an office manager as well as managing a pizzeria with Dino.

Dino and Roberta bring to Watersmeet their three children - Anthony, Amanda and Amber. We plan to make the hatchery a "family operation".

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Mission Statement

To be an environmentally friendly business specializing in the production of fresh water trout used to provide a positive family fishing experience at our facility, as well as provide a variety of healthy trout for stocking your private or public waters.

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The Watersmeet Trout Hatchery was built by the State of Michigan in the early 1930's. It was operated by the state to provide trout for public waters in the Upper Peninsula.  The hatchery building itself is 9000 sq. ft. with 17 concrete tanks that are 4.5' x 17'. In the upstairs of the hatchery, the state provided a living quarters for the workers that operated the hatchery. This living quarters is finished in knotty pine and provided three bedrooms, a living room, dining nook, bath and kitchen for workers. In 1965 the state moved their operations and the hatchery was idle until 1970.

It 1970 Bob and Barb Tieman purchased the hatchery as a private business open to the public for family fishing and pond stocking. They transformed the facility and developed an attraction that has in excess of 4000 tourists a year! They also built a reputation of providing quality fish for pond stocking throughout the Upper Peninsula. The Tieman's made numerous improvements to the hatchery building as well as add more outdoor ponds during their 36 years of ownership.

In 2007, Watersmeet Trout Hatchery was purchased by The Giannola family. Dino and Roberta plan to continue building on what the Tiemans started back in 1970. Our goal is to provide a pleasant and fun experience for families that visit us! As well as provide quality service and fish for private and public waters throughout the Upper Peninsula and Northeast Wisconsin.

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Hatchery Operations

The quality and flavor of any edible living thing is directly affected by the environment that it lives and grows in and by the food it consumes.

It is no secret that trout prefer cold, clear, high quality water. Our water supply comes from a series of springs that produce over 60,000 gallons of 43 degree water per hour! Even on the warmest summer day, our water does not exceed 50° nor will our water freeze on the coldest winter day. Chances are in your lifetime, you'll never see water of a higher quality.

This basically, is the environment our trout spend their entire lives in.

The trout are fed a high quality balanced diet which, along with the pure spring water, produces the finest tasting trout to be found anywhere in the world.

Jumping Rainbow TroutsThe diet of our trout is more complete than their wild counterparts. Our feed is trucked from almost 2,000 miles away and it's the best we can buy in North America. It is specially formulated to provide a balanced diet of protein, fat and fiber for our trout.

So bring your family and friends for the best fishing vacation they'll ever have and one they'll never forget. We also stock private and public ponds with our quality trout and will provide walleye, blue gill and perch by special order.

Don't forget to check out our recipe page to make the most out of your visit.

So ENJOY . . . and thanks.

To find us, just turn at the sign on US 45 north of Watersmeet, Michigan then drive 4.5 miles east on Old US 2 until you see our signs - Watersmeet Trout Hatchery and Fish Farm.

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Watersmeet Trout Hatchery and Fish Farm - Family Fishing Vacation and Pond Stocking

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